Bellagio Bandit arrested after making Numerous Mistakes

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After remaining at large for over a month and a half, the Bellagio Bandit was finally captured by Las Vegas authorities. Police arrested Anthony M. Carleo in conjunction with the robbery that saw the Bellagio Hotel and Casino robbed for $1.5 million worth of chips. What’s extremely interesting about the Bellagio Bandit’s unveiling is that his dad – George Assad – is on the other side of the law as a Las Vegas municipal judge. Of course, even with his dad’s position as a Vegas judge, there was no saving Carleo from his fate as he made lots of mistakes that led the authorities to him.

Carleo’s first big mistake was jumping in a discussion about the Bellagio Bandit and casino chips on the poker forum TwoPlusTwo. As the discussion escalated, Carleo exchanged numbers with a TwoPlusTwo member in regards to selling $25,000 chips that he had stolen. After talking with Carleo, who went by the alias of “Ocean-spray25,” the poster realized that this could possibly be the Bellagio Bandit. He then alerted the authorities, who bought four $25,000 chips from Carleo.

But this wasn’t even the end of things as Carleo kept returning to the Bellagio with stolen chips to play poker and cash the chips in. Bellagio employees started getting suspicious when Carleo was losing thousands of dollars at the poker tables, then cashing out thousands of dollars afterward. Carleo even went as far as to tell other people at the table that he was the person who robbed the Bellagio of the $1.5 million.

Other reported follies by Carleo include telling an undercover police officer that he had already robbed the Bellagio after being asked to join a group of robbers, and telling all of his friends that he was the Bellagio Bandit. Eventually, police arrested Carleo while he was gambling at the Bellagio, and he’ll appear in court next week.

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