B.C. Lottery Corporation Finally re-opens Website

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The British Columbia Lottery Corporation made news headlines everywhere after becoming the first government-regulated online casino in North America. The B.C. Lottery Corporation was hoping to channel millions to the government like many online casinos that are semi-legally operating in North America have done. Unfortunately for the B.C. Lottery Corporation, the website has brought in more problems than revenue so far.

In something similar to the mid-90’s when online gambling was first being established, their site – PlayNow.com – has experienced tons of problems after the initial launch. And the biggest problem involved a “data crossover” where some gamblers were able to access the accounts of other members. In all, 134 players had their information accessed by other people, which led the B.C. Lottery Corporation to shut down their website shortly after the mid-July launch.

In fact, PlayNow.com didn’t even last a single day since it was shut down just a few hours after the July 15th unveiling. At first it was reported that the site was shut down because too many players were accessing it at once thus causing a server overload. Now it’s clear that the security issue was the real reason behind the site shutting down.

Fortunately for those behind PlayNow.com, the site is up and running again. And it features a sleeker, newer look similar to many of the top online casinos today. And it will have to bring in money like the top online casinos since it lost $150,000 for every day that it was shut down. In all, it is estimated that the B.C. Lottery Corporation lost $5.4 million in the month-plus that its website was inoperable.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has plans to be the next government-regulated online casino by the year 2012. Hopefully they can iron out the kinks of their website before launching it unlike PlayNow.com.

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