Basic Video Poker Strategy

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The reason why most people lose in video poker is because they don’t have a good strategy for playing the game. And that’s unfortunate because if you have a good video poker strategy, then there’s a strong chance you can beat the game. Here’s a quick look at some solid video poker strategy that you can use to make big profits.

Playing for the Big Wins

It’s nice to get any kind of win in video poker because you can get your money back and more when you form a winning combination. However, just forming winning combination isn’t exactly going to put you in the winner’s circle since it’s the quality of your wins that counts.

So if you’re just going for a single pair while hoping that lady luck does the rest, you are in the wrong game. The key to being a winning video poker player is to go for the big jackpot, and other large wins as well. This means that you should be trying to form royal flushes, straight flushes, four-of-a-kinds, and full houses. That being said, you need to discard any cards that aren’t going to help you reach this goal.

For instance, if you are holding Jh-Js-Qh-10h-9s, you could choose to keep the jacks or the J-Q-10-9 combo for a chance at the straight. However, a pair of jacks will only give you your money back (in Jacks or Better) and the straight won’t give you much profit. Since you only need two cards for a royal flush, the correct move would be to get rid of the Js and 9s.

Yes this will sacrifice the sure thing in the pair of jacks as well as the easier potential win in the straight, but the overall goal is to hit a royal flush and get the jackpot. Keep in mind though that you should try to pick up small wins too if a big hand such as a royal flush or straight flush is unobtainable.

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