Basic Ring Game Strategy

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Poker ring games involve a different set of skills than what’s used in poker tournaments. The reason being is that you’re dealing with a potentially infinite stack (theoretically) in ring games since you can simply buy back into a game when your stack runs out. Contrast this to poker tourneys where, once your chips run out, you’re done. With such a big difference between the two games, you will need a different set of skills for ring games. Here is what you’ll need to know.

Use Pot Odds

Those who make the correct play over and over again in ring games will be winners in the long run. Unfortunately, doing this is easier said than done since a lot of math is involved when trying to make correct decisions. That’s where pot odds come into the picture; they can help you make correct plays over and over again so you’ll be a winner in the long run.

Pot odds come into play when you’re faced with a difficult call. In order to make the call, you need to be sure that your chances of making the hand are better than the percentage you’re contributing to the pot. To find pot odds, simply take your ‘outs’ (cards in the deck that will make your hand), and multiply them by 2 then add 1. So if you had a flush draw with 8 outs, your chance of making the hand would be 17%. If you only had to contribute 16% of the pot or less, the correct decision would be to call.

Always have the Maximum Amount of Chips at the Table

This tip is especially important for those who play No-Limit Hold’em. The reason why you need the maximum amount of chips at the table in ring games is because you need to maximize your advantage. For instance, if you come to the table with a smaller stack, the bigger stacks won’t be as afraid to push you all-in. On the other hand, if you have an equally large stack, it makes the fellow big stacks think twice about putting you all-in since they too will have to shove all of their chips in the middle.

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