Baccarat Variations

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In most cases, when you hear the word “baccarat” mentioned, you’ll automatically assume that it’s the North American version. After all, this is the most popular version in land-based and online casinos. However, there are other variations of the game you’ll come across that have slightly different rules.

You might even find out that you like these versions better! Keeping that in mind, here is a look at other baccarat variations besides the North American version.

Mini Baccarat

Those used to playing North American baccarat will feel very comfortable with mini baccarat. The only real difference in mini baccarat is that the games are smaller (only 7 people can play at a mini baccarat table). In addition to this, the bets are usually smaller, and only one croupier works the table at land-based casinos.

European Baccarat

North American baccarat and European baccarat differ quite a bit from each other. In European baccarat, a player has a choice to stand or draw if their initial hand score is 5; North American baccarat players need a 6 or 7 to stand. In addition to this, the banker can also choose whether or not they want to draw. One more interesting twist to the European game is that the casino funds the banker’s hand, and the player cannot exceed the amount that casinos use to fund the banker’s hand. For example, if the banker’s hand is only funded at $1,500, a person can’t bet more than this amount.

Chermin de Fer

As the name implies, this is a French version of baccarat. In this variation, only the player or banker may bet on their hands while the rest of the participants must bet amongst each other. The casino doesn’t get directly involved in the betting, but they do provide a croupier in case a dispute arises during the betting.

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