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People love baccarat online for two main reasons: A) it has a low 1.06% house edge when played correctly, and B) correct baccarat strategy is quite easy to execute. Keeping these two points in mind, it’s no wonder why Rival Gaming’s baccarat game has been one of the most popular versions out there.

However, it’s not just the low house edge that has people flocking to 21GrandCasino to play this baccarat game. It’s also the rich graphics and self-explanatory setup that gives Rival Gaming baccarat players an enjoyable experience. That said, let’s look at the graphics and setup of this 21GrandCasino baccarat game in-depth.

Table Layout and Betting Options

Even if you’ve never played baccarat online before, it won’t be hard to pick up on Rival’s version. The Banker, Player and Tie betting options are clearly marked, and you simply put your chips in these circles to bet on the three outcomes. Once you’ve made a bet, hands are dealt just above the betting circles.

Chip denominations are shown below the table, and the available options are $1, $5, $10, $25 and $100. The minimum bet is $1 while the maximum wager on a single hand is $250. And while this isn’t the world’s biggest betting range, it should provide the average player with plenty of wagering variety.

Graphics and Other Features

As alluded to in the intro, the graphics in Rival Gaming baccarat are really crisp and clear. In fact, they’re about as lifelike as you can expect from a baccarat online game.

Other aspects worth discussing about this game is that 8 decks are used, there’s an adjustable dealer speed option, and winning tie bets pay out 9-to-1. While we don’t recommend making tie bets because they give the house a high edge, the 9-to-1 tie wager payouts are better than the usual 8-to-1 payouts at most casinos. Furthermore, they lower the tie bet house edge from 14.4% to 4.8%.

If you’re looking to enjoy a truly fun version of baccarat online, make sure to check out what 21GrandCasino is offering.

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