Ocean’s Eleven-Style Heist foiled at Atlantis Casino

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In what unfolded like a movie plot, five men nearly made off with hundreds of thousands of dollars during an attempted heist on the Atlantis Casino in Nassau, Bahamas.

Three of the robbers dressed as maintenance workers and entered the Bahamas-based casino through an employees-only entrance. From here they entered the ventilation system through the ceiling until they were directly above the cashier’s cage. They then released pepper spray into the cage, which cleared out all of the workers.

Up to this point, the plot was working perfectly because the robbers were able to stuff hundreds of thousands of dollars into their bags. However, a staff member pushed the panic button, which sealed all of the casino’s entrances and exits. Security was easily able to apprehend two of the men as they were caught running through the hallway with nowhere to go. The third suspect was found hiding in the ceiling vents with $100k on him.

Following the foiled heist, the three robbers were taken away by Royal Bahamas Police Force members. Later on, authorities captured two other men connected with the crime. As it turns out, four of the five perpetrators were still working for the Atlantis Casino.

Luckily, nobody was seriously harmed during the caper, but 16 employees were admitted to the hospital for pepper spray treatment. Because of this incident, Bahamas Tourism Minister Obediah Wilchcombe said that Atlantis really needs to update its employee screening process. Otherwise, future problems like this could leave Nassau pigeon-holed as an unsafe casino destination – much like what Macau is dealing with. Following a rash of murders and gang activity, Macau’s growth has slowed considerably due to some visitors fearing for their safety in the Asian gambling capitol.

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