Atlantic City Casinos collectively lay off 315 Workers

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Mired in an economic slump that’s been going on for years, three Atlantic City casinos collectively laid off 315 workers in an attempt to shave costs.

200 of the layoffs came from Trump Entertainment Resorts, which owns both the Trump Taj Mahal and Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino. If there’s any sliver lining to come out of this move, it’s that 80 of the layoffs were expected anyways since these were seasonal employees. The remaining 115 job cuts came from the Revel, which trimmed their workforce by about 4% in order to combat slow revenue.

Robert Griffin, who’s the CEO of Trump Entertainment, explained that his two casinos made cuts because of the extra costs they carry from being unionized. “I just can’t compete with non-union casinos in Atlantic City,” he said. “That is a major advantage they have, millions of dollars they don’t have to spend.”

Revel’s CEO, Jeffery Hartmann, also spoke about the recent job cuts and expressed gratitude to those who worked at his establishment. “This was not a decision we take lightly, as we value each of our professionals and their dedication to Revel’s success,” Hartmann sand. “We thank our professionals for their hard work and wish them the best in their future endeavors.”

The Revel has been especially hit hard by the slowed growth in Atlantic City. Since opening to much acclaim last year, the $2.4 billion Revel quickly began struggling as they couldn’t even cover their interest payments. By April of this year, the Revel had to lay off 83 workers. Now, with the additional 83 workers they’ve laid off this month, the Revel has shed 183 jobs.

As for the Trump Taj Mahal, they recently allowed the strip club Scores to open up in their establishment. The goal is to offer something that neighboring casinos in AC, Pennsylvania and New York don’t have. And an in-casino strip club definitely fits this bill. Now the big question remains if Scores will be enough to help the Trump Taj Mahal out and stop the job losses.

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