Atlantic City Casinos escape Major Damage, but remain closed

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Earlier this week, Hurricane Sandy rocked various portions of the Caribbean and Eastern United States. The state of New Jersey was especially hit hard by the tropical storm, with thousands of houses destroyed and iconic landmarks being washed out to sea. About the only good news to report in all of this is that all of the Atlantic City casinos were able to escape any major damage.

Because there was no major damage done to any of the gaming establishments, they’re hoping to reopen as soon as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie lifts an evacuation order. The only problem is that there’s no telling exactly when this evacuation order will be lifted.

A good portion of the state’s Atlantic seashore is in shambles, and thousands of residents have been displaced. This being said, Atlantic City casinos can only speculate as to when they’ll be able to operate again.

Lisa Spengler, who’s a spokeswoman for the state Division of Gaming Enforcement, said her office has been “in ongoing dialogue with the Governor’s Office, state and local officials, and the Atlantic City casino executives.” She also made the following statement about the matter:

No decision as to the reopening of the casinos will be made until such time as the governor’s mandatory evacuation executive order is lifted and all safety issues surrounding Atlantic City, its residents, and visitors have been addressed.

While Governor Christie may not be ready to lift the state’s evacuation status, Atlantic City casinos are more than ready to get up and running again. They’ve collectively been struggling enough as it is, so being shut down due to Hurricane Sandy has only made matters worse.

A slow American economy over the past few years has deeply affected gaming destinations such as Atlantic City. Plus the neighboring state of Pennsylvania has been drawing a lot of old AC customers, which has caused a further revenue tumble.

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