Atlantic City Blacklisting increasing Rapidly

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Blacklisting is commonly used by casino destinations to keep out unwanted visitors such as career criminals, prostitutes, homeless trespassers and known cheaters. And Atlantic City is taking this practice to the extreme as of late since they’ve rapidly increased their blacklisting efforts.

To illustrate the heightened blacklisting rate, consider that from 2008-2010, 12 people total were banned from entering Atlantic City casinos. However, 2011 saw a sizable 19 people blacklisted from the town’s casinos, while this year has seen 5 people blacklisted, and another 17 cases currently under review.

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Lately, both the state of New Jersey and Atlantic City have been trying to clean up the area to encourage more tourism. And a large part of this includes putting repeated offenders on an exclusion list so that they can stop a large problem before it happens.

Tourism District Commander Thomas Gilbert discussed the new measures by saying, “What we’re trying to do is deter people from engaging in bad behavior. It (blacklisting) was viewed as a viable tool to curb some of the behavior getting people on the exclusion list.

David Rebuck, who is the Division of Gaming Enforcement director, commented on the specific types of people who are being blacklisted as he said, “These persons have been convicted in Superior or Municipal Court and are not marginal cases, but rather are persons who have multiple convictions for conduct which is detrimental to casino operations or casino patrons in New Jersey.”

While Atlantic City’s increased blacklisting measures aren’t expected to have an immediate impact on tourism numbers and overall revenue, the idea is to gradually improve the town’s reputation. In addition to this, New Jersey is also considering online gambling legalization to aid Atlantic City casinos in their quest to make more money and stop a recent downward trend.

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