Arizona Man wins $5.7m Slots Jackpot

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2012 has truly been the year of the slots jackpot since we saw somebody win a huge online slots prize worth $9 million in February. And good fortune continues to spread throughout the slots world as an Arizona man recently hit a $5.7 million jackpot.

Gerald Allen Phillips was the lucky winner, and his big payday occurred on Wheel of Fortune slots at Casino Arizona. Interestingly enough, Phillips hadn’t been to Casino Arizona in over a year, but suddenly got the urge to play quarter slots at this venue. The 51-year-old got so wrapped up in Wheel of Fortune that he stayed far longer than he’d originally planned.

Phillips spoke about this by saying, “I had been playing the machine next to it and kept hitting, but my wife wanted me home. As I got up and was ready to leave, I put in my last $60. Then the bells and lights went off and I was freaked out.”

The decision to stay turned out to be a good one after the Mesa, Arizona resident saw the bells and whistles go off on his machine. At this point, Phillips was elated because he thought that the prize was worth $100,000. But he got an even better surprise when casino officials told him that the win was actually worth $5,707,069 – this almost made the American pass out!

Once the big win sunk in, Gerald Phillips called his wife with the news, only to have her hang up, thinking it was a joke. However, casino officials called her back to let Mrs. Phillips know that this was by no means a prank.

Now a multi-millionaire, the Mesa man talked about his future plans for the money by saying, “I’m going to buy a nice new truck, which has always been a dream of mine, but we are still going to be the same penny-pinchers we’ve always been. We want to buy a little house and then invest so the money can work for us.”

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