Arizona Jackpot Winner deported to Mexico

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Winning a casino slots jackpot is normally a joyous occasion that marks big celebrations afterward. However, this wasn’t the case at all for a recent Casino Del Sol jackpot winner.

The person in question was a woman who hit a $1,200 jackpot at the Tuscon, Arizona-based establishment. But before she could collect the money, identification had to be produced. She then gave Casino Del Sol employees a strange-looking ID that prompted them to contact police about the person; Border Patrol got involved after this. Eventually it was determined that she was an illegal immigrant, and the woman was deported back to Mexico.

The lady did catch a break when her daughter, Zamira Osorio, was allowed to stay in the United States because of the The Development, Relief and Education of Alien Minors Act (DREAM). The act deems that children of illegal immigrants can stay in the United States and continue their education on the path to earning US citizenship.

Zamira spoke about her mother’s deportation by saying, “My family and I feel devastated about it. We’ve been through a lot. This can happen to anybody who goes and plays at the casino.”

As for Casino Del Sol, they’ve tried to keep a low profile about the deportation incident. After all, Tuscon is located close to the border, and they draw plenty of customers from Mexico. Taking this into account, it wouldn’t be ideal for business if lots of Mexicans heard about a jackpot winner being deported. Casino Del Sol CEO Wendell Long discussed this by stating, “The Sonoran customer is very important to us. It’s a large part of our business, and we do a lot of things to promote that.”

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