Apes are Good at Gambling according to Study

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Few species in the animal kingdom are as intelligent as primates, and this has been proven even more by a recent study that shows apes are good at gambling.

The study, which was conducted by the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, allowed the apes to choose between taking a guaranteed piece of fruit, or gambling to win a larger piece of fruit. If the ape in question chose the latter option, a researcher would shuffle upside-down cups, and let the primate choose which cup they thought the fruit was under.

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As the study went on, researchers would add more upside-down cups to the game, which made it more difficult for the apes to correctly guess where the fruit was. This is when the study got really interesting because many of the monkeys were able to discern that the gambling odds were stacked against them, and take the guaranteed fruit rather than gamble.

Another very interesting aspect of the study is that, when the humans put a much larger piece of fruit under a cup, the apes would gamble for the huge fruit no matter the odds. Basically, this proved that they can tell when it’s worth taking lowered gambling odds.

The study’s leader, Daniel Haun, was pleased with the study’s results as he said, “Our study adds to the growing evidence that the mental life of the other great apes is much more sophisticated than is often assumed.”

This most recent study may have been given a boost by earlier research conducted by the Wolfgang Köhler Primate Research Center. Their study focused on poker, and showed apes are the only other animals besides humans that can tell what another poker player is thinking. But despite all of the positive research, it’s unlikely that casinos and poker rooms are going to be allowing monkeys to gamble at their tables any time soon.

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