Antoine Walker Broke – Former NBA Star owes $900k in Gambling Debt

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Former NBA star Antoine Walker made well over $110 million during his 12-year basketball career, which includes a $71 million contract with the Boston Celtics. Amazingly though, it looks like the 34-year-old’s money is already dried up since he recently pled guilty to bouncing over $900,000 worth of checks at Las Vegas casinos.

The trouble all began for Walker in 2009 when he couldn’t pay back the aforementioned $900k to Caesars Palace, Red Rock Resort and Planet Hollywood. In 2010, he attempted to pay these debts back by writing bad checks in an attempt to “defraud” the casinos. Fast forward to now, and he was back in court to settle the fraudulent check charges.

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Fortunately for Walker, he won’t have to do any jail time, and it looks like the debt has been brought down to $750k. However, Walker has his work cut out since he doesn’t make a whole lot of money playing for the NBA Development League’s Idaho Stampede. Before that, he was playing in Puerto Rico for around $100,000 a year.

Looking at Walker’s past spending habits, it’s not hard to see how he blew through so much money and is now straddled with a huge debt. The following shows how the former NBA baller chose to manage his money:

– Bought himself a $4.1 million mansion in Chicago and a $1.1 million home in Miami; purchased his mom a $2.5 million house in Chicago.

– Bought countless Mercedes Benz and Bentley cars.

– Pays/owes $7k in child support every month.

– Ran several credit cards up to the limit, then didn’t pay off the debt.

– Traveled with an entourage of 8 men, who were fed and clothed by Walker; now that he’s broke, these people are nowhere to be found.

– And finally, he racked up the aforementioned $900,000 in gambling debts. No word on how he plans to repay the now $750k tab left on the massive bill.

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