Another Robber Hits a Vegas Casino

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With the current US recession, things have already been tough enough for Las Vegas. After all, many casinos’ revenue has plummeted over the past three years during one of the worst recessions in United States’ history. Apparently, the recession is also hitting Las Vegas residents pretty hard too because yet another person chose to rob a casino in Sin City.

This time it was a man wearing a Groucho Marx disguise (fake mustache and glasses), and he robbed the Rio Casino of $36,000. Police say that the man was also wearing a fedora and sunglasses, and he pulled a gun out when a dealer confronted him about stealing the chips. After the gun was pulled out, the staff obliged and gave the man $36k worth of casino chips. Once he was done robbing the casino, the man jumped in a taxi and took off.

Much like the famed Bellagio Bandit’s robbery, most of the money consisted of high-denomination chips that will be extremely hard to cash in. In addition to this, most Las Vegas casino chips contain tracking devices that alert the casino staff when they’re turned in. However, at this point, police are still waiting to catch the Rio thief.

The Bellagio Bandit – a.k.a. Anthony Carleo – was captured about a month after he robbed the Bellagio of $1.5 million. One of Carleo’s biggest mistakes was being sloppy once he returned to try and cash the chips in. Eye witnesses say that he bet huge amounts of money in Bellagio poker games, and the amount of chips that he was cashing in did not match what he was winning (losing) in poker. Perhaps a similar fate will meet the latest Vegas thief since he has $36k filled with $1,000 chips that need to be cashed in somehow.

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