Angry Lover loses Partner’s £5k at Online Casino

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People are known to do some pretty crazy things when their lover walks out on them. And such was the case with a UK mother named Laura Taylor, whose husband, Kevin Collins, left her and three kids to work on an oil rig.

Angry over Collins leaving her after 10 years together, Taylor accessed his bank account and deposited £5,000 worth of funds at different online casinos. From here, she proceeded to make lots of bets at the casinos in order to spurn her ex-lover.

But as the losses began mounting, Taylor became worried and tried to win the money back. After falling victim to the “gambler’s fallacy” – where one thinks they are ‘due’ to win if they keep playing – she had burned through all £5k of Collins’ money. The oil rig worker didn’t even realize it until discovering that he over-drafted his bank account by £300.

Taylor eventually confessed to losing all of the bank funds, and Collins decided to take the case to court. In the end, the mother of three pleaded guilty to fraud; however, she also told the courtroom how she suffered from post-natal depression and the aforementioned “gambler’s fallacy.” Her lawyer, Jeffrey Segan, explained the situation by saying, “She finds her actions difficult to rationalize – she was fed up with her circumstances and the gambling got out of hand.”

Thanks to Segan’s solid argument and sympathy from the courtroom, Laura Taylor was able to get off fairly light for her fraud crimes. Rather than being given jail time, she was sentenced to 60 hours of community service and an £85 fine instead. As for Mr. Collins, everything worked out for him since his bank refunded the entire £5,000 amount. You can be betting that he’ll change his online banking password following this incident too.

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