Poker Star Andrew Feldman reveals Gaming Addiction on TV

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For the past few years, Andrew Feldman has increased his relevancy in the poker community after playing in some of the world’s biggest cash games. However, he’s also remained a controversial figure due to his brash table talk and high-rolling lifestyle. Unfortunately, the latter has included some major gambling binges that have wiped out Feldman’s bankroll in the past.

He recently discussed his gaming addiction on an episode of the UK show The Secret Millionaire. If you’re unfamiliar with this program, it sees a millionaire go undercover as a volunteer worker in impoverished communities. At the end of the show, the millionaire reveals them self and donates thousands of pounds to the cause they’re working for.

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At 24 years old, Feldman is the youngest person ever to appear on The Secret Millionaire. And he qualified as a millionaire by accumulating a £6 million bankroll over the last seven years. Of course, there were plenty of bumps in the road – as he explained on the show.

While still an 18-year-old, the Brit managed to build a £100,000 bankroll. Unfortunately, he went on a gaming binge one night that saw his entire £100k roll vanish. He told the cameramen, “One night, I was coming home from the casino where’d I’d lost quite a bit of money….so I was a bit steamed up. I thought yeah, whatever, I’ll go and get it back from poker…It took just one bad beat and then I started playing bad and by the end of the night I’d done half the roll…within the next few hours all that had been wiped out.”

Lucky for Feldman, he was able to overcome this problem with the help of his parents. They influenced him to move online poker winnings directly to his bank accounts, where the money would then be invested. If you’d like to hear more about Feldman’s story and how he overcame addition, here’s a link to the show.

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