Americans, Chinese lead 2013 Biggest Gambling Losers List

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The Economist has released their findings on 2013 gambling habits across the world, and the stats are very telling of who wagers the most. According to this 2013 global gambling study, Americans lost the most money out of anybody with $119 million in losses. They were followed by the Chinese, who dropped $76 billion on gaming.

Surprisingly, Japan was the third biggest loser with $31.4 billion in losses. The reason why this is so shocking is because the vast majority of Japanese gambling is done on pachinko machines. And the $31.4 billion figure could continue climbing if the Land of the Rising Sun follows through on rumored plans to legalize casino gambling.

Neither Japan, China nor the US ranked in the top three in terms of per capita gambling losses. This distinction belonged to Australia, Singapore and Finland, which lost the first, second and third most money, respectively. The study showed that the average Australian adult loses over $1,000 annually in games of chance. Singapore wasn’t far behind since their average adult loses over $900 per year. Finland was quite a ways back since their adults lose about $600 on average.

What fueled Australians’ gambling habits in 2013 were gaming machines (a.k.a. pokies). Their residents spent almost $500 last year on machine-based gambling. Singapore took the crown in terms of casino gambling because their average adult loses $410 in the casino each year. Finland was the king of per capita online gambling, with their people dropping around $200 at online casinos and poker rooms.

If you’d like to see a full breakdown of the numbers, check out the statistics that were provided by the Economist below. As you’ll see in the chart, the Economist took into account all major forms of gambling, including casino, non-casino gaming machines, lotteries, betting and interactive (a.k.a. online).

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