Amanda Bynes “Acting Crazy” at Atlantic City Revel Casino

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Crazy is a word that’s been used loosely in association with Amanda Bynes lately. Last year, the troubled actress was arrested for drunk driving, charged twice for hit-and-runs, and busted for driving with a suspended license three times.

2013 hasn’t been much better for Bynes since she was charged with reckless endangerment, tampering with evidence, and criminal possession of marijuana after throwing a bong out of a 36th story window. She even accused one of the investigating officers of sexual harassment.

Given Amanda Bynes’ troubles, it’s no surprise that a number of Atlantic City Revel casino visitors noticed the 27-year-old “acting crazy” this weekend. As one witness said, she was carrying a little dog in her bag and “dancing around and acting crazy.” A man named Daniel Oh tweeted about her dancing with the following:

Holy shit just saw Amanda Bynes come out of a bathroom at Revel doing the chicken dance.

It was somewhat hard to identify Bynes at first because she was wearing a platinum blonde wig and a dress with security tags still attached. So some Atlantic City Revel visitors approached her on the slot machines and asked if it was indeed her. Bynes confirmed their suspicions, but asked that the onlookers please not take any pictures of her. While playing slots, she sent strange tweets such as the following words of wisdom:

If you’re not hot I don’t care about you

You get turned on but what you are not by what you’re not

Many people have questioned Amanda Bynes’ mental health over the past year due to her run-ins with the law and odd behavior. And her platinum wig-wearing, cryptic tweet-sending weekend won’t do anything to dissuade these thoughts.

She first gained fame after appearing on Nickelodeon’s “All That” for several seasons. Bynes even got her own self-titled show called “The Amanda Show,” which lasted from 1999-2002. Bynes has also appeared in several movies, including What a Girl Wants, Robots, She’s the Man, Sydney White and Easy A.

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