Ailing Beverly Mackey denied $1 Million Casino Jackpot

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Beverly Mackey’s golden years haven’t been quite so golden since she had heart surgery and suffers from diabetes. But the Oregon woman thought that she was finally getting some good fortune after winning a $1 million jackpot at the Chinook Winds Casino. Unfortunately, what she got was just more pain and misery after being denied the million-dollar windfall.

The problem all begins with ‘Odds On Promotions,’ a Reno-based wholesaler which organizes and sometimes stakes different promotions. In this case, they partnered up with Chinook Winds Casino to stake a $1 million jackpot, set up the odds, and create the ‘Play, Swipe & Win’ game. In exchange for their services, Odds On Promotions received a $20,000 payout from Chinook Winds.

When Mackey won the contest, everything seemed to be perfectly fine. However, Odds On Promotions has since refused to award any of the money. Their argument is that they mistakenly set the odds too low, and it was overly easy for somebody to win the jackpot. Therefore, Odds On Promotions doesn’t believe that they should have to pay the million dollars.

Mackey isn’t buying this argument though, and she’s decided to sue Odds On Promotions for her $1 million prize. She’s also seeking “no less than $20,000 for mental and physical distress.”

The struggling retiree is quite anguished about the prize that she believes is rightfully hers. “In a moment when I’m not thinking about it, I’ll lapse into a little fantasy about how I don’t just have to live off Social Security, Disability and a small pension,” said Mackey.

In order to help ease her pain, Chinook Winds paid her $50,000 out of their own funds. However, they aren’t happy with Odds On Promotions either and are suing for the $20k service fee, plus the $50k that they paid Mackey.

Chinook Winds marketing director, Eric Smileuske, spoke about the matter by saying, “We’ve gone out of our way to tell people this is not a company we’ll do business with. If this is the way they do business, we’re not interested.”

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